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Pembagian Kanal FM di Indonesia
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• 5.5kW(KV-6000), 8kW(KV-10000), 13kW(KV-15000) or 18kW(KV-20000) output power in continuous service. All parts used in these amplifiers are oversized to guarantee the full power 24/24 h even in hard environmental conditions.

• Long life tube. The amplifier uses strong and reliable triodes or grounded grid triodes, widely used in the broadcast field, that assure long life and low maintenance costs.

• High efficiency cavities. A revolutionary cavity design without any sliding contact minimizes the losses, increases amplifiers efficiency and the cavities ruggedness.

• Single tube. No coupled tubes for the best system reliability

• Adjustable output power. The tube’s polarization allows the adjustment of output power simply varying the input one.

• Electronic protections. With Digital Pre-heating Timer assures an affordable and stable operation protecting units against major fault conditions. Every alarm event is displayed by front panel LEDs and can be resetted by manual control and/or automatic reset control.

• Automatic Cooling Down Timer. Get a more longer life tube with cool condition before transmitter completely shut down.

• Output Low Pass Filter and Notch Filter. It assures a pure RF spectrum, according to the international requirements.

• Full metering. All the main parameters of the amplifiers are front panel displayed by a complete measurement system.

• Soft-start circuit control. The gradual insertion of power supply eliminate transient problems during start-up.

• Forced air cooling. An oversized cooling system guarantees regular functioning and long life for the cavity/tube set even in hard environmental places.

• Meets or exceeds international standards for safety and electrical specifications.

More Features (with New Model Improvement):

• Frequency agile. Instant frequency programmability via LCD Display Sub-Menu with 10 KHz steps. The frequency of these amplifiers can be easily field tuned from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz without any parts modification.

• Suitable for digital audio. FM exciters of last generation are fully compatible with digital audio. In fact the amplitude and group delay linearity extended to the sub-sonic frequencies avoiding the low frequencies over modulation and phase distortion exalts the musical quality of digital audio. Even the musical quality of traditional analogic audio is emphasized.

• Digital 16bit stereo coder. High performances digital STEREO CODER BUILT-IN with stereo separation (= 65dB) and signal/noise ratio (= 80 dB) for a top sound quality.

• Top quality sound. The generated signal is characterized by an excellent signal/noise ratio and by negligible residual AM and FM. All this guarantees the best quality of the broadcast signal.

• High frequency stability. In short and long terms is assured by Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift quartz reference.

• Deviation limiter. Internal dynamic function limits the maximum frequency deviation according with the international requirements (CCIR, FCC, etc…). This is to avoid adjacent channels invasion in case of accidental overmodulation without reducing the modulation quality.

• Electronic protections. In case of load mismatching (VSWR) or transmitting frequency error (LOCK). Every alarm event is displayed by LCD Display and can be resetted by manual control.

• Meters/Indicators. Forward power, reflected power, frequency deviation, internal power supply voltage, L & R levels are continuously displayed by LCD Display.

• Adjustments and settings. Output power (PWR adj.), frequency deviation (DEV adj.) are front panel LCD Sub-Menu available for instant adjustment and setting.

Technical Overall Specifications :

• Output power : (depend on models, adjustable)
• Output impedance : 50 Ohms
• Frequency range : 87.5Mhz ÷ 108MHz, with 10Khz Steps
• Frequency setting : Direct Change From LCD Menu or direct internal programming
• Synthesizer System : PLL with paralel data with dip switch programming mode
• Standard frequency stability : ± 1kHz
• Harmonic attenuation : < - 70dBc
• Spurious emissions : < - 80dBc

• Stereo operation (internal encoder) :
- Input connectors : (L & R) XLR, balanced
- Total Harmonic Distortion : = 0.03%
- AM syncro residual : < -64dBc
- AM asyncro residual : < -68dBc
- Input impedance : 600 Ohms
- Input levels : -10 ÷ +12dBm
- 19 kHz attenuation : = 55dB
- Pre-emphasis : 25/50/75µs ( Internal Setting )
- Bandwidth (± 0.25 dB) : 20H

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